When blogging has been replaced by splodging

Obligatory smutty joke fodder as I get drilling for knobs

Have been a bit quiet on the blogging front and to be honest it’s because my passion for blogging has been replaced with spending time splodging, sanding and screwing!

The building team has done a fantastic job getting the Annex shipshape, but budget pressures means we’ve picked up the paint brush baton from the professionals to do the decorating and final fixing ourselves while they carry on with Phase 2.

Our electrician got stuck on another job, so we’ve had limited lighting to decorate with and the pressures of work means we’ve been carrying out most painting between 9pm and midnight. So we’ve found that our perfect paintwork finished at midnight looks like a Jackson Pollock installation by the time dawn breaks. It’s a problem that can be sanded away, but means progress has been slower than waiting for gloss paint to dry.

We swallowed the marketing hype and invested in Frogtape with paint stop technology to give our painting crisp, clean lines, but we’ve found it takes off the emulsion paint when you remove it. We’ve found that pre-primed architrave still needs to be undercoated, and that non-drip gloss really does still drip.

We’re half way through installing the kitchen which is from IKEA. People moan about IKEA stuff but I’m a firm believer that if you’ve masterminded a lego spaceship build with a six year old, you have the skills to master a METOD kitchen. As long as you follow the instructions step by step. Not perhaps start at the bottom and work up instead of following the instructions from top to bottom, or you are literally screwed.

Danny has done an awesome job tiling and fitting out the bathroom after Dean our plumber has fitted the Heritage Bathrooms shower and sanitary-ware. Next week our brand new Worcester boiler will be delivered so things really will be heating up in the Annex space! After six weeks without heating and hot water this is one bank holiday forecast that we are desperate to see come good.

So as the three day weekend looms it’s time to stop blogging and start snagging. We have one week to complete the Annex and move in so the builders can demolish our lounge wall as part of Phase 2.

Danny has given me my orders to put the iPad down and to get back in the kitchen and start screwing. I just hope we are talking about the same thing, but I won’t video the activity just in case one of us has crossed wires.

I hope everyone else enjoys an equally action packed bank holiday break!

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