Bricking it

We’re feeling a bit apprehensive now major surgery has started at Home Farm and so yes… bricking it.. is a pretty good way to describe how we feel now.

Not sure whether it’s because now the windows in our living room have been removed and boarded up so we’re rocking an interior that shares the styling of a squat, or because the whole of the south side has been stripped of a layer of brick to reveal the original and crumbling structure.  But either way the renovation programme is getting serious as we start phase two.

Phase one, the building of the Annex is nearly complete so the building team are passing the paintbrush baton to us to lick the interior in to shape.

So, from a building perspective its now on to working on the garden side of the house as we begin construction of the orangery and exterior cladding.

An integral part of our renovation is to transform the look of the house by returning it back to its red brick roots and removing the austere blue brick the building was clad in about 50 years ago. In my latest vlog Home Farm’s checkered brick past can be spotted here.

We investigated a number of options to achieve this, including the application of slip bricks, the addition of a third layer of red brick and the alternative option of rendering the whole building.  The most viable option which we are now pursuing is removing the second blue brick layer and then reinstating red bricks.  This means we can utilise the foundations the second blue brick layer stood on, removing the significant expense of more groundworks.

So the first job for phase two has been for the building team to remove the blue bricks and board the windows.  Once complete work will begin for laying foundations for the orangery which will then be constructed in new red brick.  The façade will then be completed with new red bricks laid and finally the replacement windows can be installed.

It’s estimated that phase two will keep the builders busy until the end of June, but before we get ahead of ourselves we’ve got to get phase one finished!  So it’s time to stop blogging and get painting – from bricking it to dripping it…

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