A ‘paneful’ problem

The big moment of shedding the scaffolding from the Annex extension has revealed a ‘pane’ful  problem – we really should have included a window on the right hand side of the façade.

The architect hadn’t included a window on the drawings and on paper it looked fine, but now the building is in real life 4D and not a 2D plan it’s clear that we need an extra window for aesthetic appeal.  An additional window will also shed light on the short corridor space that joins the Annex to the first floor so although it’s not brilliant to retrofit a window, we’d be kicking ourselves if we left it as it is.

The good news is that it’s not too late to make this change, so with promises of more tea and biscuits our brilliant builders are going to create a new window opening today.  Then I guess it’s back to the Evolution window website to find a small window that works with the new windows already on order.

Simples? We’ll see how bashing a new hole into our brand new brickwork works out… what could possibly go wrong?

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    1. Thanks for your feedback – I love reading other’s renovation blogs too. Nice to know others out there are riding the same rollercoaster!

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